These images are all painted on the spot, near to my home in Norfolk. The more recent images, of the path between Burnham Norton and Burnham Deepdale, are A2 in size, whilst most of the others are roughly A3. For me the act of painting on location, over time, brings revelation. The seemingly featureless and mundane becomes richly complex, and the interplay between the natural world and signs of human intervention gradually discloses itself.

Bench, Burnham Norton

Walker, Burnham Deepdale

Three tree clumps Burnham Deepdale

Windy day, Foulsham Road

Off Spar Lane, Oulton

Field Opening, Oulton

Towards Hindolveston

Evening Light, Hindolveston

Field from Bray’s Lane, Hindolveston

Crab Boats, Cromer

Crab Boats, Cromer

Groynes, Cromer

Dahlias, Bawdswell

Abandoned tennis Court

Bench, Lyng

Near Green lane, Hindolveston

Hawthorn Near Itteringham

Oulton Church

Postvan, Oultin

X-Roads, Oulton