RIBA journal

The heat resistant qualities of steel.

Real Deals Magazine

A takeover deal involving an Italian ice-cream maker

The Guardian Review Cover

Summer Books

The Guardian Review

Summer Books DPS

Real Deals Magazine

In the increasingly competitive private equity industry can dealmakers still afford to sign off for summer?

The Oldie Magazine

The last regular boat services sails from St. Helena, in advance of the newly constructed airport.

Book Project

"We found ourselves amongst beautiful tall trees......."

YOU Magazine

A true story of 148 handwritten anonymous diaries which are found discarded in a skip

Save The Children

One of a series of images designed to be disseminated as advocacy for the refugee community. In temporary accommodation, in the midst of a German winter, a child nurtures a pots of herbs. "They remind me of home, and our garden ".

Crafts magazine

The trend of customising shop bought clothing

Museums Journal

University museums and research

Audit and Risk Magazine

Predicting a global disaster

The Oldie Magazine

Cover image - Writers reflect on their first experiences of Europe

Marine Professional

Sea creatures absorbed into a ship's ballast are being transported to alien habitats

The Marine professional

The remote monitoring of merchant shipping

The Marine Professional

Cover image - The Japanese fishing industry faces challenges

Therapy Today magazine

Finding a safe place

Audit and Risk Magazine

Internal audits

Real deals Magazine

Work and motherhood

The Guardian

The demise of Facebook

Oxford University Business School

Literary aspirations

Crafts Magazine

More plaudits and respect for craft

Standpoint magazine

'Widow's Pique', a short story by Joseph Epstein

Perspective magazine

Growing your investments

Perspectives – Wardour Communications


Waitrose Food Magazine

Italian tomatoes

June Bugs

LA Times

The Guardian Review

Summer Books

House and Garden Magazine

Borscht recipe

The Drawbridge Newspaper


The World Today

Germany welcomes mass migration

The Drawbridge Newspaper

Going Home

Crafts magazine

The process of making - full page

Audit and Risk magazine

Establishing your position

Audit and Risk Magazine

Manipulation of the bank rate

Kings College Alumni Magazine

A mathematician and farmer

RIBA Journal

Recycling within the steel industry

Perspective Magazine

Financial forecasting which acknowledges unpredictability

Telegraph Magazine

Crabshakk, Glasgow - restaurant review

Telegraph Magazine

Market Bistro, Kings Lynn - restaurant review

Telegraph magazine

'Laughing Heart' restaurant review

Real Deals


The World Today

The death of the liberal consensus in the US following Trump's election

Real Deals magazine

Spear’s Magazine

Immortality for high net worth individuals

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