Drawing is central to my practice as an artist. It is the starting point for, and the thread that runs through, my work. I use it to generate and test ideas for my commercial work, to observe through and to engage memory.

I’ve often travelled by myself, but I’m always accompanied by a sketchbook.


The High Line, New York

From a speculative book project with Laurence King Publishing


Drawbridge Newspaper


Sketchbook page

Barber, Junagadh, Gujarat

India sketchbook

Save the children

Drawn on location - in a tent at the refugee registration centre a man looks at footage of children on his mobile phone

Save The children

A location drawing at the registration centre for refugees in Berlin. In large temporary tents people queued wearily.

Save The Children

Two Syrian brothers drawn on location in their new home in Germany. They had suffered a traumatic separation on their journey but were miraculously re-united by Save The Children in Croatia.

Save the Children

On the spot drawing of the refugee registration centre in Berlin. In the shadow of the monolithic social security building, in bitter winter cold, refugees waited. Though the drama of their journey to this point was etched on many faces, children still ran excitedly between the temporary tents.

Roundabout, Mysore, Karnataka

Indian sketchbook

Fruit sellers, Bhuj, Gujarat

India sketchbook

From the Rooftops, Junagadh, Gujarat

India sketchbook

Flower Seller, Mysore , Karnataka , India

Onsite drawing

Hut, Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu

India sketchbook

Cinema, Mysore, Karnataka

India sketchbook

Statue, Mexico

Sketchbook drawing

Angle poise and Hollyhock



Onsite drawing

Brooklyn Bar

American sketchbook

New Jersey skyline

American sketchbook

Jogger, Prospect park, Brooklyn

From a New York sketchbook  

Fence in Autumn

Sketchbook drawing

More Memory



From an ongoing series


The Drawbridge